Dear Ms. Brenda and all of our friends at Sunny Skies:

This is to notify you that Ella's last day at Sunny Skies will be Tuesday, September 1st, 2009. We would like to thank you and the entire Sunny Skies staff for taking such good care of her over these past (5) years. It is not easy leaving your baby, especially your first born, "with strangers", but we never felt that way. We interviewed (9) different child care places (centers and homes) before making a decision, and it was the feeling we had when we walked into Sunny Skies that made us select you. It was warm and inviting and extremely friendly. Ella is well prepared for kindergarten and we owe much of that to you and your staff. Thank you for your dedication to the well-being of children. We are very appreciative of your hard work and efforts.
- Sincerely, The Walden's family

Here is a note from one of our parents whose two children had gone through Sunny Skies since infancy. The last child was leaving for kindergarten, and the mother gave us a sweet note to remember them by:

(2008) Dear Sunny Skies..

Thinking about Jenna's last day at Sunny Skies brings a tear to my eye and gets me thinking about Sunny Skies memories.

I remember...

I remember... some of Jake and Jennas first days at Sunny Skies. They pretty much wanted nothing to do with the place. There was nothing but crying at drop off and even more tears in the car after I picked them up. As time went on there were no tears at dropoff and the tears at pickup were because they wanted to stay longer.

I remember... Jacob telling me he loved Miss Carla and thinking there was no way he was going to PreK without her....then I remember his first "visit" to PreK he said "this is my room now" and never went back to Preschool.

I remember... not being able to tell Dana and Jenna apart when they were in YT's.

I remember... Miss Brenda crying while making her speeches at all the parent events and it would always get me crying.

I remember... when Jenna was in OTs and the phone calls from Miss Bette about her biting. She still talks about "The talking to" that she got from Miss Brenda in her office. I think she remembers this because she pretty much has done nothing wrong since. I don't know what you said to her Brenda but THANKS!

I remember... the many phone calls to pick up Jenna because she was sick. It got to be so much that the people that I work with would just laugh when they saw SUNNY SKIES on the caller I.D.

I remember... when Jenna was in the hospital with pneumonia all the wonderful cards that were sent. She still has those cards and looks at them often.

I remember... the phone calls I would get at work thinking that it was to come pick up Jenna but it was Miss Janice telling me what wonderful kids I had. Thank You.

I remember... the summer before Jacob went to Kindergarten the new location opened and he thought that was Kindergarten. Fall was rather confusing that year trying to explain why he was at yet another "new school"

I remember... crying on Jakes last day of Sunny Skies... knowing that I would see you on Monday when I dropped off Jenna. I think it was because it was just one step closer to the end.

I remember... waving with Jacob and Jenna at the old location on the drive home and the conversations about how they missed their "old school". We still wave...except now we look like crazy people waving at High Rise Condos.

I remember... Jenna telling me that she only kisses Charlie not Gibson followed by telling me she was going to marry Charlie and then Gibson. Now she is going to marry Austin. Not real sure what is going on there.

I remember... Jenna asking me if we could adopt Miss Janice so she could live with us and be a part of our family forevei and she could see her everyday.

I remember...many times Jenna and Jacob calling me Miss Janice without realizing it. I remember... Miss Sharon and Miss Bette with smiles and laughs every morning.

I remember... Jenna telling me daily that she loves Miss Janice, Miss Barb, Miss Brenda, Miss Tiffany, Miss Ashley, Miss Mary, Miss Carla, Miss Bette, Miss Sharon and so on and so on. All the teachers at Sunny Skies have made such a huge impact on Jacob and Jenna's lives.

We do not have a lot of family living in the area and Sunny Skies has filled that void.

Sunny Skies as been the one constant thing in our lives and we know that Jacob and Jenna have enjoyed every minute that they have spent with each and every one of you.

Thank you for helping us grow.

Thank you for all the warm and loving Sunny Skies memories that you have given us.

You will always be in our hearts.

We love you Sunny Skies!
- The Fosters
When I realized that I would need to put Ayla in day care I felt very sad and disappointed - I had always planned to be a "full-time" mama. I reluctantly signed her up and dropped her off all the while feeling so nervous. School has turned out to be such a blessing for Ayla - thanks to you all! You all have made this transition so much easier for her with all of your care, extra special attention and understanding towards her. You have put my mind at such ease and I am so grateful for your kindness towards both Ayla and myself. Thank you for all your positivity and energy that you put towards all the children as well as all your special projects and events. I feel so lucky to have such a supportive community to help watch over my precious baby. Thank you so much, Teachers, you are all so wonderful! - Much Love and Appreciation, Nissa and Ayla
Jim and I really appreciate the special hugs and attention you give to Kyle every day. We are so impressed that teachers from all of the groups know him so well. Kyle has definitely benefited from knowing each of you. -Melissa & Jim
We are so thankful for the care and education that the teachers at Sunny Skies have provided to Allie over the past two years. Allie has not only been prepared for Kindergarten educationally; she has also developed excellent social skills that will last a lifetime. With the patience and kindness your staff has shown, we believe she will have no problems excelling in elementary school.

We would also like to thank you for the extra care and attention you have given Allie since the death of her brother. At this fragile of an age, the extra time and understanding the staff has shown Allie with one on one talks is more than we could have asked for from a child care center. This special care means more to us than you will ever know - thanks is not enough.
- Dave & Jill
Thank you so much! As you know, it is hard enough to juggle kids and work and all that life throws your way! We feel extremely fortunate to have become a part of the Sunny Skies family and appreciate all that you do for Jake, Charlie and now Ryan. It makes it all easier knowing how much our kids are loved and that they enjoy coming to "school" each day!