Your CHild's Arrival and Pick Up

Your child must be accompanied into the center each morning by a parent (or guardian) who then notifies a teacher of the child's arrival and signs them in. Children MUST be signed in and out every day.

Pick Up

The safety of the children is our utmost concern. Parents MUST notify the Sunny Skies staff if another person will be calling for your child! We will not release your child to anyone without the expressed consent of the parent or guardian who enrolled the child.


In case of emergency requiring immediate medical treatment, the procedure is: 1. Contact the parent (s) immediately. 2. Contact emergency care person in parent's absence. 3. Attempt to contact child's doctor. 4. Take the child to the closest emergency service or designated hospital if the above persons cannot be reached. We do not accompany the child to the hospital. It is imperative that you keep us informed of any change of employment, home address and telephone numbers. We need to know how to contact you and another designated person at all times in case of emergency. Your doctor's name, address and telephone number must also be kept up to date in our files.

Lunch and Snacks

Due to the variety of diets, allergies and preferences we have elected to have parents supply lunches for their children. We do provide a nutritious morning and afternoon snack, as well as milk at lunch time.

Diaper and Bottle Policy

For all Infants and toddlers, parents must supply labeled bottles, formula (Includes milk, Juice etc.) and disposable diapers for their child's use.

On Guidance

Our goal with regard to guidance is to help the child achieve self-control and become self-disciplined. Guidance situations are handled with empathy and redirection.

Our Programs

The Center offers a full day and a half-day program, five days a week. Depending on the center, we incorporate a Thematic Learning, High Reach or Mother Goose programs. The center is open all year with the exception of the following holidays -New Year's Eve Day, New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. The rates for child care remain the same during the week in which a holiday falls.

Our Open Door Policy

Parents are welcome to visit at any time. If you have any questions or problems regarding Sunny Skies policies, programs, your child' s development or any other issues, please feel free to contact the Director. We welcome your feedback, and enjoy getting to know the families of the children in attendance.

For a complete description of all our policies, programs and tuition rates, please come and visit one of our four locations!