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Sunny Skies Notes For September 2021

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Our Sunny Skies Birthdays for SEPTEMBER

Grace C. will be 3 on September1st.       

Lily H. will be 4 on September 23rd

Carson S. will be 3 on September 25th.      

We LOVE birthday parties. You are welcome

to send in birthday treats on your child's special day!



Welcome back for another fun filled school year at Sunny Skies!  We are planning some very exciting activities for the children. All the teachers have been preparing and are looking forward to seeing new smiling faces as well as some familiar returning ones.


Please look for our Facebook page: Sunny Skies Child Care Waterford.  Ms. Chauna will post pictures of the children in action as often as possible.

Our website is www.sunnyskieschildcare.com you can find all our information regarding our “Weather Report” newsletter and calendar for the month. Ms. Chauna have your email address?


The $50 material fee for each child will be added to every account Monday, August 30th.


 We will be closed on Monday, September 6th for Labor Day. Tuition remains the same unless taking a prearranged vacation day, let Ms. Chauna know.

Please remember that in accordance with our written policy, all students receive new vacation days as of September 1st (your family's total number of vacation days are determined by the amount of days your child/ren are scheduled in a week and that number is doubled.

However, no vacation days may be carried over from the previous year. Please remember to give at least a ten day notice when you decide to use your vacation days. (As clarification vacation days are per family, not per child).


Your child will need extra clothes for the fall cooler weather. 


PS and Pre-K will have show and tell on Fridays.  Please bring an item that starts with the letter of the week. This helps the children understand letter recognition and what letters sound like at the beginning of words.


Pajama and Pancake Party on Friday, October 1st.   $4 per child.


 All Parents, your child’s emergency card needs to be reviewed, signed and dated.***


Lunches that need a QUICK heat up in the microwave, begin again on Sept 7th.  

Lunch-boxes must be labeled with your child’s name and the date.


When we have a pesticide application it will be posted at our entry door.  If you want to be made aware of it prior, let Ms. Chauna know.  Use of sprays will be used very sparingly, after the children leave and we are closed allowing recommended time for drying and ventilation.  In case of bees we will post notes letting you know that we sprayed and what we sprayed.  Concerns? Contact the national pesticide center at 1-800 858-7378.


                                   Welcome to all our new children and families!