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Sunny Skies Notes For November 2018

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Our Sunny Skies Birthdays for NOVEMBER

Amar M. will be 3 on November 1st.

Jackson B. will be 5 on November 9th.            

Colin D. will be 4 on November 12th.            Celina G. will be 2 on November 14th.

Andrea R. will be 3 on November 15th.          Joseph S. will be 3 on November 23rd.        

Kane S. will be 2 on November 24th.              Tyler D. will be 4 on November 25th.            

Ellie N. will be 5 on November 27th.              Nicholas H. will be 2 on November 28th.

  1. rd.             Ms. Ashleigh’s birthday is November 29th.

We LOVE birthday parties. You are welcome

to send in birthday treats on your child's special day!



All parents: Please be sure that Ms. Tammy has your email address so she can send you our calendar/newsletter and helpful reminders about our special activities.


For your future planning please be aware that we will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday, November 22nd and Friday, November 23rd.  


We will also be closed on Monday, December 24th Tuesday, December 25th, Monday, December 31st and Tuesday, January 1st in observance of Christmas and New Year’s holidays. As per our policy booklet, tuition is charged for these days. If you are taking these days as available vacation days, have your request in 10 days prior to the holiday.


Parents: Remember to Label your child’s hats, mittens, boots and other cold weather items!! We go outside twice daily unless the temperature falls to below approx.32 degrees. Every child is required to go outside. Unfortunately, we can not keep children inside due to them not feeling well. Dress them warmly. Please make sure your child has a full change of Fall/Winter clothes in their cubby at all times.     LABEL EVERYTHING THAT COMES INTO THE CENTER.


         Scholastic Book orders are back for the school year. Great for Christmas gifts!

Can Food Drive: November 5th – November 16th. All food will be donated to the local food bank and families!

Stone Soup will be on Friday, November 16th, please bring in a vegetable for our afternoon snack!                            


We will have our Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday, November 20th. The center will be providing the chicken nuggets. There will be a sign up sheet in your child’s room for the side dishes.

WEAR YOUR PJ’S on WEDNESDAY, November 21st!!!


Parents, if your child is sent home because of being sick (example: rash or conjunctivitis) or has had an injury, a Dr.’s note is needed for readmission to the center. Your child will also be sent home for the following: a fever of 100.4 or higher, vomiting, diarrhea (2 or more), bad cough, or green discharge from their nose. (Please see our complete illness policies).


Please remember your child needs to be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to the center. To be on the safe side whenever you take your child to the doctor always ask for a Dr.’s note. This will make our job and yours much easier on deciding when a child is well enough to return. Thank you.


       We wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble, Gobble!!!