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Sunny Skies Notes For April 2020

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Our Sunny Skies Birthdays for APRIL

Drake B. will be 3 on April 18th.

Leah D. will be 5 on April 25th.

Nora C. will be 2 on April 28th.

We LOVE birthday parties. You are

welcome to send in birthday treats on your child's special day!








Easter Egg Hunt:  Thursday, April 9thChildren areto bring 1 dozen of pre-filled plastic eggs filled with age appropriate surprises for their child’s room.



Our Spring Fundraiser Art Auction will be April 27th – May 1st.  April is the month of the young child, and we will be celebrating your child by hosting our second art auction.  Children from all classrooms will be very busy this month working on a special works of art that parents, grandparents and friends can bid on throughout the week.  The artwork will be on display at the center.  Art can be purchased on Friday May 1st and taken home.  What a fun way to acknowledge your child’s creativity and have an everlasting memory!



Family Potluck Dinner/Spring Family Festival:   Friday, May 1st from 4- 5:30 p.m. Parents are to bring a dish to pass, the center will provide Hot Dogs and buns.



All Parents!!  Sunny Skies follows the CDC recommendations for all illnesses in children.  Please refer to our “Illness Policies” and the requirements for return before you bring your child back to school after any illness.  Thank you for your full cooperation in this matter.



Keep in mind that we still go outside on muddy days.  Remember clothes and shoes may get muddy during the spring season. Shoes are a must for inside.  Please bring boots for outside play.



Are your plans changing for the summer?  Please let Ms. Diane know as soon as possible.


                                                    Have a safe and Happy Spring!