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Sunny Skies Notes For February 2020

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Our Sunny Skies Birthdays for FEBRUARY                                          

Merrik H. will be 4 on February 17th.

We LOVE birthday parties. You are welcome

to send in birthday treats on your child's special day!



Our email contact is please be sure we have your email on file too. We send notes, calendars and reminders through email.

Please send Ms. Diane an email that way we are sure to have your email address


Remember every day to label lunchboxes with your child’s first and last name and the date!


When you sign your child in please put your child’s first and last name.


If available find a parking spot for pick up and drop off!  Please be courteous and not block our driveway. Please pull up close to the building.


 DO NOT LEAVE CASH IN THE TUITION BOX for any reason, please give it to a staff member.


A reminder: there is a late fee of $15 added if your tuition is not received on your child’s first day of attendance.


All Children’s Nap items need to be in a BIG Ziploc Bag. These bags are available at the dollar store or can be purchased from us for $2. They help keep our center sanitized, especially during the cold and flu season!

With the flu season heavily upon us many children are experiencing fevers.  Please, we ask your assistance in not bringing back a sick child who has been medicated with a fever reducer.  This only subjects the rest of the center to the illness.  Remember we have a 24 hour fever free rule. Your cooperation is greatly needed and appreciated.


“Love Grams” are available Monday February 10th -Thursday, February 13th.  Please stop by the office and fill out a Love Gram to send to your special little lady/little man for Valentine’s Day.


Valentines’ Day Pizza party Friday, February 14th the cost is $4. We encourage Valentine Cards for all classrooms!   Please send in enough cards for your child’s class, signed with their name!  Please do not address the cards individually!  There are 12 YT children, 13 OT children, 15 PS children and 16 PK children!


If you would like to bring in a treat for our Valentine’s Day party, we would love it!!   See the sign-up sheets by the side entry door.


If your child will not be in for the day (or running late) please call us by 10 a.m. to let us know.


Friday, February 21st Dress your child in pajamas and bring your child’s favorite bear!!


Please bring in snow pants, mittens, hats and boots and extra socks for your child with their names on them. The children go outside if the temperature is not prohibitively cold. Remember to bring shoes and an extra change of clothes.

*****As a reminder: save all of your receipts.  We do not give end of year tax forms. ***


                              WE WISH YOU A HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!