Preschool Gallery



Preschoolers LOVE to read.

They are encouraged to comment and ask questions about a story, retell a story, and use predictions for the outcome of a story.

Look how engaged these preschoolers are! They listen, they learn, and they are getting ready for Pre-K!

TECHNOLOGY is an everyday part of our society and will continue to expand in our children's lives.

All of our preschoolers have access to our computers.

We encourage them to follow directions, work cooperatively with others and handle equipment gently and correctly.


Pretending- selecting props, defining roles - expands speech and language.

Role play increases children's independence and allows them to manage their environment.

Our Discovery Science program continues for Infants to Pre-K through real-life examples of how the world around us works.

Here, conservation and hypothesis are explored; which container when left in the rain will collect more water?

Intellectual Development

Children grow into stong writers when they are encouraged to use a variety of forms of early writing-scribbling, drawing, letter-strings, etc.

They begin to write familiar words, such as their name.

Various mediums are used to develop a love of writing.

Speaking and listening are ways that children develop language and early literacy skills.

Children are better able to express themselves clearly and communicate with others when they are encouraged to develop a larger vocabulary.

Here simple Spanish words are incororated into our children's day.

Cooking activities!

Cooking develops math skills as children measure, pour and develop concepts of more, less, equal, etc. Hand/eye coordination continues to improve.

Sharing materials, exchanging ideas, and describing results enhances social development.