Pre-K Gallery

Beginning elementary school is a trememdous step in a child's life. Riding a bus, being in a building with hundreds of other children, the requirement to work in an organized environment and the separation from home can be an overwhelming experience.

Preparation is the key. At Sunny Skies we have designed our Pre-K program to mimic a kindergarten environment, with a strong focus on social, cognitive, life skills, emotional and physical development.

Here, these girls are working on following visual guide sheets to group colors, shapes and patterns. This develops cognitive, social and small motor skills.


Sunny Skies' Math Concepts program continues into Pre-K. Lessons are designed to expand on math ideas and children learn more complex, even abstract mathematical principles.

This Pre-K student is learning about shapes, triangles, and how angled designs can be assembled together.

Creative arts remains a strong focus of preparation for kingergarten.

Here the children are building their own rainbows. Drawing them first, then arranging colors, cutting, measuring spaces and pasting together a wonderful finished project!

They watch each other, and work and learn together.

Note in the background more children are working independently on computer projects. There is always something going on in our classrooms!

Spring brings flowers and another interesting art project.

It is important for children to be as proud of the process as they will be of the end product. With that in mind, they choose their own colors, and each have their own sissors to safely cut and prepare their petals.

Block building in a group setting is a wonderful tool for children. It improves vocabulary, requires cooperation, prediction, scale, balance, design, patterns etc.

It is often a challenge at this young age to see (3) little boys working together without the conflicts that can arise when issues of "my turn" come into play.

At Sunny Skies we work on conflict resolution with all ages to explore the problem and them give them the opportunity to solve problems on their own.

We routinely hear from parents and teachers that students coming from our Sunny Skies' Pre-K program excel beyond expectations both academically and socially.

Here is an amazing example of our wonderful math program. These children are engaged in identifying numbers in rows and columns and learning to count by 10's. Ms Audrey works diligently to provide an organized, consistent and fun program to ensure the success of each of her students. By the time they reach Kindergarten they count by multiples (x2's, x4's, x6's and x10's etc.)

This is a great picture!

Each child has a role in a making a batch of cookies for their afternoon snack.

Although they are all watching intently, they really got interested when it came time to eat!