Older Toddler Gallery

We believe Life Skills are an extremely important part of growing up and having positive self esteem.

Success at the early stages promises continued success as children grow.

Here an older toddler gets ready to pour from an appropriate sized container. Look at the concentration! He can do this by himself!

Telling and reading stories helps children grow. They extend their understanding of language, and begin to understand better the feelings of others. Reading helps them relax, reducing stress and opening up the channels for learning.

These children are having fun sitting in their "reading couch" and sharing books and stories.

Reading is a part of every day for all children at Sunny Skies.

Math skills increase as childen learn hand/eye coordination and sensory awareness develop.

Here this little girl counts to 12 and learns what it means to have a dozen of something.

Next comes "more of something less of something" and, shortly after, adding and subtracting.

If it is fun and always interesting children will be eager to learn.

Role Play.

Here an older toddler learns what it means to care for a "baby". It is important to add water, bubbles, and a ready towel to teach what babies want and need. Many of these children may have younger siblings at some time, and will be able to help!

Our teachers are given the opportunity to prepare their own lesson plans within the framework of our program. This gives them the opportunity to know what works best with their group and to feel invested in the success of the children in their care.

These older toddlers are experiencing a math and group participation concept called "pigs in the mud" (this time without real pigs or mud, thank you).

Large Motor skills are developed on the balance train.

Children are children and need appropriate outlets for their abundant energy!