Infant Care Gallery

Creative Arts is a part of every age group. We believe in the "process instead of the product", and let the children move forward by themselves to explore, create and, most importantly, develop a sense of accomplishment.

This little infant girl is experiencing a fingerpainting exercise, identifying the color purple, getting the feel of the paint, the paint brush, and getting ready to explore by fingerpainting right on the desk top!

Brain Development and Discovery Science teaches using all five senses, defining the conditions of wet, cold, warm, etc. and exploring cause and effect.

Here an infant splashes in the sensory table (much to his delight!)

The sensory table is changed to coincide with the weekly themes, so children have a constant flow of new stimulation.

When infants are given a sense of initiative, (begining to think and act on their own), they are more likely to grow up in charge of themselves, to be responsible for their actions and to be more successful in school and later in work and family life.

Here an infant explores color, texture, and the beginnings of a sense of creativity - so what if he makes a mess!

Emergent Literacy.

We read with our children every day so they began the important part of learning to understand themselves and others.

Helping our infants to view reading as a pleasant activity helps them develop an appetite to learn.

We support language development and communication by talking, singing, repeating rhymes, or telling stories.

Sometimes our infants are so cute we just want to see the picture!

What does it mean? Easy; our teachers love the children and enjoy watching them learn and grow.