Grove Center Gallery

We started at the Parkland School on Grove Street in 1979. After (6) years the building was sold and we moved 1 mile to Baker School, where we stayed for (22) years. Changes in the Clawson schools had us looking for a new location, and we found ourselves back in our original rooms at what we now call Grove Center, where we have remodeled and updated the facility for infants through preschool, and even our summer camp program. We are thrilled to be home!!!

Here we care for children from as young as 6 weeks through 5 years (we have specific programs for infants, young toddlers, older toddlers and preschoolers).

We also have a summer camp program for children up through age 10.

Our monthly educational themes are designed to stimulate your child's creativity and imagination. (You can view our newsletter on line to see what we are doing each month.)

Your child's day follows a schedule for songs, stories, games, snacks, naps and both indoor and outdoor play.

Our infant center can accommodate up to (12) infants per day. Because cribs are not shared, tuition is set at full time rates, however special arrangements can occasionally be considered. Please call us to discuss!

Our playground is a great setting for outdoor fun.